3 Things You Need To Consider In Lakeland Roof Cleaning

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A Lakeland roof cleaning activity isn’t something you imagine yourself doing during the weekend. No, weekends are meant to binge-watch your favorite TV shows and spend time with your family. They are certainly not meant to do more work such as cleaning the house and making sure the roof is in good condition.

And yet, we all know it is important to ensure that the roof is well-maintained because it helps retain the indoor temperature, which, therefore, saves on electricity cost. It also reduced the need to replace the roof in the future, which is more expensive than simply hiring someone to clean it regularly for you.

Whether you’re planning to clean the roof yourself or hire a Lakeland roof cleaning company to do the task for you, here are the three things you need to consider:

Environmental Concerns

Depending on where you live, your local laws and regulations may not allow you to use certain chemicals to clean the roof. That’s why it is more prudent to hire a local company because they know which chemicals and processes are allowed by the state.

You should also consider where the dirty water will run off to. If you have a garden or a well-manicured lawn, you cannot allow soapy water to run down to it. If you are going to use chemicals, it should not touch the sides of your house because it can ruin the paint, texture, and the overall look of the walls.


If you have a warranty for your home, you might have to reconsider cleaning the roof yourself. Some companies prohibit the repair and cleaning of the roof by someone else other than their authorized service providers. You have to check the contract what is allowed and what’s not.

If this is the case, the manufacturer or installer of the roof will have recommendations on who you need to contact or what type of brushes or cleaning materials should you use on the roof. If you cause damage while cleaning the roof, that’s going to be on you and warranty will not take effect.


Cleaning a roof alone should never be done. You always need two to three persons to assist you while you’re climbing up and down the ladder or you need things handed to you while you’re on the roof.

The roof may be slippery, too, so you have to wear protective gear. Professional roof cleaners are protected by OSHA regulations. It is still the best option to hire a Lakeland roof cleaning company that’s been trained in this matter.

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