How Does Soft Washing for Lakeland Roof Cleaning Work?

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When you look up Lakeland roof cleaning services for the first time, you will find that you are presented with a variety of options that can be used to get your roof clean. Of the roof cleaning methods out there, there are two most prevalent methods of roof cleaning: pressure washing and soft washing.

At 2020 Softwash, we make use of soft washing to clean out client’s roofs. If you’re still in the process of deciding what form of Lakeland roof cleaning services to use for your roof, here is everything you need to know about soft washing for your roof.

What is soft washing?

Of course, first of all, we’re going to talk about what soft washing is and how it can be used to clean your roof. Soft washing is a cleaning method that is used by mixing a biodegradable chemical with water and using a low-pressure spray to spray it on to the surface to clean it. It relies on the use of the chemicals to clean the surface.

Why use soft washing to clean your roof?

The biggest question here has to be, why use soft washing to clean your roof, as opposed to pressure washing? The biggest benefit that you get when you choose soft washing to clean your roof is the fact that if your roof is being cleaned because of the growth of algae and moss, the chemicals in the soft washing solution attacks the problem at the root, which helps provide a more effective form of cleaning. Pressure washing simply pushes off the moss and algae, but it is more likely to grow back unless the root of the algae and moss is properly dealt with.

How does soft washing compare to pressure washing?

When compared to pressure washing, soft washing is a much more gentle method of roof cleaning, compared to pressure washing. While it also uses a pressure washer to spray your roof, it does so at a reduced PSI to make for a much more gentler spray on your roof. The biggest disadvantage that pressure washing has against soft washing is that not all surfaces and roofs can be pressure washed due to the high amount of pressure from the spray.

Soft washing relies on the biodegradable chemicals in its solution for a thorough cleaning, which makes it the more effective and gentler method on your roof. Also, since it uses less water than a pressure washing, it is also the more environmentally-friendly option.

Hire the right soft washing company for your roof cleaning needs

When it comes to finding the right Lakeland roof cleaning company for your needs, look no further than 2020 Softwash! We are a soft washing company based in Lakeland, Florida, and we offer soft washing services in the Polk County area to guarantee that your roof is cleaned all the way down to the root.

If you’re interested in booking an appointment with us, feel free to give us a call at 863-644-4000, or fill out our website form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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