When it comes to Lakeland roof cleaning, one of the biggest signs of damage that you should definitely keep an eye out for is signs of algae and moss buildup on your roof. This is usually identified by black and green streaks on your roof.

On the surface, it doesn’t seem like much, after all, if it’s just dirt, you can probably just wait for the rain to wash it away, right? To help you understand the importance of thorough Lakeland roof cleaning, here is everything that you need to know about the dangers of algae and moss buildup on your roof.

Health issues

The most significant problem with the buildup of algae and moss on your roof is the impact it can have on your family’s health. The kind of algae that usually forms of roofs is a type of algae that is a well-known trigger for certain respiratory issues, like asthma and allergies. If there is a buildup of moss on your roof, moisture will have a tendency to be trapped in it, resulting in mold, which is also a serious health risk. It’s important to tackle this issue as soon as you see it on your roof.

It can affect your electric bill

Algae and moss buildup can also have an impact on your home’s electric bill. Because the algae and moss trap moisture, they can absorb the heat of the sun, which can cause your home’s air conditioning unit to work harder just to cool your home. As a result, you will definitely see a rise in how much you’re paying for electricity.

Buildup of moisture can cause early damage

The buildup of moisture is one of the biggest problems you’re going to deal with when algae and moss forms on your roof. Not only is it a serious health risk, but a buildup of moisture can cause early damage to your roof.

This is because the moisture can cause rotting when it sits on your roof, especially on the softer parts of your roof. When left unattended, this can drastically shorten the lifespan of your roof, which is going to require some serious repair work or a full replacement in the future.

Work with a professional Lakeland roof cleaning company to tackle this issue

If you see the buildup of algae and moss on your roof, you should definitely look into hiring a professional Lakeland roof cleaning company to take care of it for you, like 2020 Softwash. We employ a fully licensed and well-equipped team of professionals to tackle your roof cleaning needs.

We specialize in soft washing, which means that we use a combination of water and chemicals to “soft wash” your roof and attack the algae and moss that the root. This method of cleaning is gentler on your roof compared to power-washing and is much more effective at getting rid of algae and moss. Give us a call at 863-644-4000 or fill out our website form and we’ll get started on your roof cleaning!