Lakeland Roof Cleaning and Care: Understand How Moss Affects Your Roof

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Despite it being one of the largest structures in your home, your roof is constantly being overlooked by other structures in your home that need your immediate attention. However, it’s important to have a professional Lakeland roof cleaning done for your roof so that you can continue to keep it in good condition.

This is especially important if your roof is prone to moss growth. For some people, the growth of moss on your roof doesn’t seem like a big deal since in some cases, it can look quite charming. However, keep in mind that moss growth on the surface of your roof can cause issues for your roof. To help you understand this better, learn more about moss growth on your roof and why this needs professional Lakeland roof cleaning.

What’s the problem with moss?

For many people, the presence of moss on their roofs does not present any sort of real threat to them. After all, moss is more or less an everyday thing that you see everywhere, so what’s the big deal? Here are some of the problems that moss can cause to your roof.

1. The buildup of moisture – Moss thrives under damp or humid conditions, so if you have moss on your roof, then you definitely have a moisture problem on your roof. Moss holds on to the damp, so if the moss stays on your roof, there definitely is a buildup of moisture there. The problem with this is that excessive moisture can damage your roof over time.

2. Growth – Moss grows at a fairly steady pace, so you can expect it to move the shingles and material on your roof. If left unattended, it will continue to grow, causing damage to it.

4. Leaks – Leaks are something that will definitely happen if you do not attend to the moss growth on your roof’s surface.

5. Places more weight on your roof – As mentioned before, moss holds on to moisture, so over time, this will become quite heavy for your roof. Your roof is not designed to handle this much extra weight, so it’s definitely going to cause damage to your roof.

How to handle this

Now that you know the perils of letting moss grow on your roof, you might be wondering how you’re supposed to handle it. The best way to take care of this is by hiring a professional Lakeland roof cleaning contractor to remove this from your roof. At 2020 Soft Wash, we recommend soft washing as your roof cleaning method because this results in a more thorough form of moss removal, helping eliminate the risk of rapid moss regrowth.

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