How To Use Home Remedies For Lakeland Roof Cleaning

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You know all too well how it feels when you’ve got roof problems at home. This isn’t something you can do on your own, right? Somehow, you’ll have to call for Lakeland roof cleaning professionals every time algae or moss starts to build up on your roof. Well, as much as calling the professional cleaners is the better option, you can also start some DIY home remedies to clean your roofs.

On Removing Moldy Roof Stains

Black streaks and stains on your roof can really affect the appearance of your homes. If your roof isn’t too steep, you can climb on it and check just how much damage has been done. The problem with have algae spores is it can eat away at the limestone and dislodge the granules.

For this Lakeland roof cleaning project, you’ll need a water pump, safety harness, garden hose, and non-toxic and non-corrosive roof cleaner. Hopefully, your water pressure is good enough to remove the stains from the roof and the chemicals after they have been applied. If not, you might need a supplemental water pressure pump.

Spray roof cleaner on the areas, starting from the bottom leading to the peak. It’s best to wet the roof before applying the cleaner so it won’t dry off. Continue spraying until you see runoff. Repeat the process for areas that have dried out. Wait for 20 minutes. Using a rinsing tool, spray water in a forward-backward motion to blast off the algae colonies.

On Moss-Infected Roof

Moss thrives in a damp environment. This is the reason why you’ll usually find it on the north side of the roof. This is the part of your roof that doesn’t get much exposure to the sun. Moss can degrade the looks and quality of the roof.

While you can use a powerful jet of water to remove the moss for your Lakeland roof cleaning, this could damage the asphalt shingles. You can use a long-handled scrub brush instead to remove the moss. Whether you use water pressure or brush, make sure to work your way from the top to the bottom. This will keep you from lifting and breaking the shingles.

You can put diluted bleach on the moss to kill it effectively, too. But if you do this, make sure to wear gloves, protective clothing, and eye protection.

If you want to protect your roof from moss and algae regrowth, install strips of copper or zinc along the ridge and cut down overhanging trees that provide shade and moist to your roof. Zinc and copper are toxic to moss and algae.

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