Lakeland Roof Cleaning is The Answer, Not Replacement

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Have you taken a look at your roof recently? Perhaps you have, and now you’re seriously considering having it replaced. If you have this train of thought running through your mind, then your roof probably looks worn out, with black and green streaks running down the surface of your roof. And really, who could blame your decision to want to have your roof replaced, with it looking like that? However, you may not realize that a Lakeland roof cleaning is all you actually really need. Read on to find out if you really need to have your roof replaced, or if all you really need is a professional Lakeland roof cleaning company.

Is your roof just dirty?

The main defining factor that decides if all you really need for the upkeep of your roof is professional roof cleaning is the extent of the damage. On the surface, if you look at your roof right now, it’s easy to say that you need to have your roof replaced because the roof looks terrible.

It may have black and green streaks on the surface of it, which makes it look less than visually appealing, which is not something that you want for your home. However, if this is the only issue that you’re dealing with for your roof, then you will find that a simple roof cleaning will do the trick for you since it’s just dirt you’re dealing with, and nothing more intensive than that.

If your roof is mostly intact

Another thing that you should be looking at to decide if you need a roof replacement is the overall condition of your roof, not just the surface. It can be easy to think that your roof is in poor condition, simply because of all of the dirt and mold that has built up on the surface of it, but if underneath all of that your roof’s tiles and foundation are in great shape, then a professional Lakeland roof cleaning is the answer, not a roof replacement. It would be a shame to replace a perfectly fine roof which will be fine after cleaning.

If your roof isn’t that old

Finally, a simple way to determine that a simple roof cleaning is all you really need for the benefit of your roof is by looking at the age of it. If your roof is only a few years old, then you definitely don’t need to replace it unless it has sustained serious damage from falling branches and the like. At best, it probably just needs a good roof cleaning, and it’ll be good as new.

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