Breaking Down The Myths About Lakeland Roof Cleaning

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Like any other part of your homes, your roof needs regular maintenance and Lakeland roof cleaning. Making sure that your roof is free from moss, algae, and stains is not just an aesthetic consideration. It’s a structural one. Below, we have listed and debunked some of the common myths associated with roof cleaning.

Myth #1: Roof moss can be ignored.

Many see the removal of moss from the roof as nothing but a cosmetic issue. In short, it is unimportant. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. The appearance of moss and lichen can seriously damage the integrity of the roof. They can remove the roof’s ultraviolet protection and exposes it to the harsh rays of the sun. As a result, you’ll have warmer homes and higher electricity bills.

Myth #2: The black stains on the roof are mere dirt.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong on so many levels. Those are Gloeocapsa Magma, a hardy type of algae that thrives in a damp environment. This is the reason why black stains usually start on the north side of the roof.

That side is hardly exposed to the sun and in most cases, there’s usually an overhanging branch of a tree that contributes to that area being damp. Failing to remove the black stain with professional Lakeland roof cleaning will decrease your property’s value and may lead to the replacement of your roof sooner.

Myth #3: Only clean the areas of the roof where the stains are.

Just because it isn’t visible to your eyes doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. When it comes to algae, which spreads rather easily and quickly, that might mean the growth hasn’t peaked or reached its advanced stage just yet. Treating your roof even without the physical presence of black stains and algae is important in maintaining its structure and longevity.

Myth #4: Roof cleaning is expensive.

What is expensive anyway if we talk about the value and the quality of your home? Is your home less of an investment than simply cleaning your roof? Sure, you’ll have to spend more than if you just DIY the Lakeland roof cleaning, but you’re getting highly trained roof cleaners for that extra money you’re letting go of.

That’s just fair, right? Your roof is the most important part of your home. Scrimping on maintaining it while you call professional help just to clean and organize your home’s interior seems illogical.

Professional roof cleaning services come in different packages. You won’t have to be forced to sign up for something that you cannot afford or don’t really need. Study your options thoroughly before making the final decision.

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