Lakeland Roof Cleaning: The Worst Ways To Clean A Roof

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When you know it’s time for Lakeland roof cleaning, the first thing that you should do is understand what happened and what your roof needs. Moss and algae spores are carried by wind and animals. They transfer from roof to roof. But while moss can seriously impact the health of the roof, algae only threatens the aesthetic appeal of the roof. It has no serious impact on the longevity and durability of the roof.

Here’s another thing you need to remember: you or a professional cannot simply climb your roof. Because of your weight, you may either get seriously injured or you may further damage the shingles. So, before cleaning the roof yourself or hiring a professional to do it, here are some reminders on what not to do:

Don’t Climb on the Roof on Your Own

Aside from safety reasons, you shouldn’t really climb on your roof without anyone to guide or spot you. The same rule holds true for professionals. If you will notice (if you ever had Lakeland roof cleaning), even professional roof cleaners use safety equipment such as harnesses and ladders to keep themselves away from accidents.

At the same time, knowing how to climb on a roof with damaged shingles will prevent further damage. Sometimes, it’s not even the algae and the moss that threaten the health of your roof shingles. It is your weight. Be careful with the shingles when climbing up and down the roof.

Don’t Ignore Your Surroundings

Stop focusing on the roof alone. If you’re using a bleach solution to clean your roof, there’s a very good chance that the runoff will affect your surroundings—plants, most likely. Water your plants before covering them with clear plastic (this is to protect them from chemical runoff). After the Lakeland roof cleaning, remove the plastic and water the plants again just to make sure they are free from chemicals and substances.

Don’t Be Impatient

Do not assume that the moss and algae will disappear right after you applied the bleach solution. It might take a few days. The point of the solution is that it will loosen the moss and the algae that in a few days, even a leaf blower can remove them from your roof. They can also be removed by subsequent rainstorms.

Don’t Clean Your Roof During a Sunny Day

The heat from the sun will cause the bleach solution to evaporate quickly. Some people think that cleaning the roof on a sunny day makes sense because the chances of rain are slim. But if you really want to make sure that the solution will do its wonder, do the cleaning during a cloudy, calm day when the wind isn’t blowing and there’s no threat of rapid precipitation.

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