Lakeland Roof Cleaning: What are the Most Common Causes of Roof Problems?

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Out of all of the structures that your home is made up of, your roof is one of the most important parts of it. After all, it provides you and your family with shelter from the natural elements and it makes up a significant portion of your home’s exterior. Because of this, it’s important that you stay on top of your Lakeland roof cleaning and maintenance to help make sure that you keep your roof properly maintained.

However, the best way to make sure that you choose the proper cleaning and maintenance plan for your roof is by learning what is causes these problems for your roof. To make it easier for you, here are some of the most common causes of roof problems to make the most out of your Lakeland roof cleaning and maintenance.


Despite the fact that your roof is designed to protect you and your family from the weather when left unchecked, the natural elements can cause a lot of problems for your roof. Too much heat can cause your shingles to become brittle and damaged, while storms can cause a lot of external damage because of strong winds and heavy rain. Make sure that you inspect your roof after a major weather change to stay on top of any damage that might have been caused.


If your area has plenty of trees, you might find that your roof is facing plenty of problems as a result. From falling branches to debris pile up on your roof and clogged gutters, trees can cause plenty of problems for your roof. In order to help avoid this, you should think about trimming the tops of your trees to minimize the amount of debris that falls on your roof. If you don’t want to trim your trees, you should be inspecting your roof and gutters more frequently for debris pile up so that you can clean these out as soon as possible.

Exessive moisture

If you live in an area where you experience a lot of rain or you don’t get enough warmth on your roof because of trees overlooking your home, excessive moisture can cause serious damage to your roof. You will see this in the form of black or green streaks that can be seen on your roof. These streaks are algae and moss, which can pose a number of health problems for your family and can rot your roof, causing it to break down faster.

The best way to get rid of algae and moss buildup on your roof is by calling a Lakeland roof cleaning company like 2020 Softwash to take care of it for you. We are based in Lakeland, Florida, and specialize in soft washing to clean roofs, which is more effective at getting rid of algae and moss and is much more gentler on your roof. Give us a call at 863-644-4000 and we can set you up with a roof cleaning appointment right away!

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