The 3 Methods of Lakeland Roof Cleaning

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What does it mean to own a home? Does it mean your future is now more secured? Does it mean you are going to pay for the mortgage your whole life? Can you redesign the house anytime you want? While these may have some semblance of truth, what you need to remember most especially are the responsibilities of being a homeowner. Once you own a property, you are responsible for its Lakeland roof cleaning, upkeep, maintenance cost, taxes, and many more.

Many homeowners don’t seem to care about the state of their roof. They forget all about it until it starts leaking somewhere in the house. The roof is the most important component of any home. If there’s a problem with the roof, there’s a problem with the whole house. So, what could go wrong about taking care of your roof? Nothing. Keep the following information in mind whenever you have to choose what kind of cleaning method best suits your home:

High-pressure Wash

High-pressure wash involves a machine that pressurizes the water. The hose is specially designed for high-pressure washing. It has a wand-like device attached to its end. The user has to point that wand to the area that he/she wants to clean. The pressure of the water will remove any dirt, moss, algae, and lichen that sticks to the surface of the roof. This method of washing dislodges dirt faster, but it also removes particles from the shingles. This can cause the roof to age quicker.

Chemical or Non-pressure Wash

There’s one chemical that can be used to clean the roof. That’s sodium hydroxide or lye. This chemical can remove algae and lichen. Many manufacturers also frown at the use of chemicals because although they cannot dislodge the particles in the shingles, they can still damage them through the adhesive. Once the adhesive in the shingles is gone, the particles can fall off, causing the shingles to break apart.

Another problem with this type of cleaning method is it can damage the plants surrounding your house. When it washes off, the runoff will fall to the ground, leaving you with dead spots on your yard.

Low-pressure Wash

This is, perhaps, the best Lakeland roof cleaning method. It combines the elements of both high-pressure washing and chemical washing. Technicians use a battery-operated sprayer to clean the roof and wash it off using a low-pressure water hose. This doesn’t damage the shingles at all because the pressure from the hose is just enough to remove any dirt and debris that cling to the surface of the roof. This type of cleaning extends the lifespan of the roof.

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