Dirt, debris, soot, algae, mold, mildew, and moss cause the poor appearance of your roof. This affects the overall health and appeal of your home. Eventually, you may even need to replace your roof because the mold, mildew, and algae have rotted it away. That’s why you need knowledge about Lakeland roof cleaning and the available products you can use to maintain your roof.

Here are the six Lakeland roof cleaning products you should know about:

Oxygen-based Products

Oxygen-based products work well to remove mold stains and other kinds of stains. These are widely used by professional roof cleaners because of their effectiveness, most specifically on asphalt roof shingles where mold frequently develop. These products can also eliminate roof fungus and algae. Choose an oxygen-based product without potassium and lye.

Chlorine Bleach

This works well for areas of your roof that have mildew, mold, stains, fungus, and algae. Just let it soak for 10 minutes then rinse off with power washer or hose.

Copper Sulphate

Used as an alternative to chlorine bleach, this can be used to remove mildew, mold, algae, and fungus. This cleaner, however, is harmful to plants. If you have plants surrounding your house, protect them from the chemical runoff from the roof by spraying them with water.


If you have a metal or galvanized roof, you need to find emulsifiers because they dissolve dirt, grease, and grime. Emulsifiers contain ammonia that enables the removal of grease from metal roofs. This is one of the most effective stains and grease remover out of all chemical products available for Lakeland roof cleaning.

Tri-sodium Phosphate

Mixed with water, this can create a powerful cleaning agent against mold, mildew, and general stains. To clean the roof, apply the mixture to the areas where there are molds and stains. Leave it for a few minutes so the chemical can work its magic. Then, scrub the surface so clean off the dirt before rinsing with water to remove the residue. If the mold and mildew did not come off at first, repeat the process again.

Eco-friendly Cleaners

If you are concerned about the environment and your health, you may be better off choosing eco-friendly cleaners. These products do not contain heavy metals, harsh acids, phosphates or lye. They are effective and maintain the integrity of your roof. They are also good for health because they don’t trigger allergic reactions.

When choosing the right Lakeland roof cleaning products, make sure to read about them and pick the one that will be most effective to your roof.