What You Need to Know About Softwashing For Lakeland Roof Cleaning

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As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your home continues to be in as good as condition as it possibly can. This is why you put in the effort to make sure that everything is clean and is in decent condition. However, over the course of time, it is perfectly natural for things to be subjected to the natural elements, which will prompt you to seek out the services of Lakeland roof cleaning and other similar professionals.

Remember that your roof is one of the largest structures of your home, so you need to take good care of this to make sure that it continues to hold up. In the world of Lakeland roof cleaning, there are two main methods of cleaning: pressure washing and soft washing. At 2020 SoftWash, we use the soft washing method of cleaning. Find out why here.

What is soft washing?

Before anything else, what is soft washing? Soft washing is a method of roof cleaning which makes use of a combination of chemicals and water to clean the surface of any roof. Its name comes from the fact that this a gentler form of roof cleaning, as it does not rely on pressure to push dirt off the roof surface. It is also a very thorough form of roof cleaning, as the chemicals take on the mold and algae from root to tip, which guarantees that it is removed from your roof surface.

Pressure washing vs. soft washing

Of the two main methods of Lakeland roof cleaning, why would you choose soft washing over pressure washing? To understand why you need to understand what pressure washing is. Pressure washing as a cleaning method involves using a jet of highly pressurized water to push dirt off the surface of your roof, which, while it removes the surface dirt from your roof, does not do much for the foundational problems, like the root of the mold and algae.

It can also be quite harsh on older roofs, which can eventually cause damage. On the other hand, soft washing relies on the chemicals to clean the roof surface, which guarantees a more thorough method of cleaning, without the added stress of the highly pressurized water on the surface of your roof. Soft washing is usually preferred by homeowners with older roofs as well, as this reduces the risk of shingle damage that is commonly associated with pressure washing a roof.

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