What’s a Great Lakeland Roof Cleaning Product?

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Before you get into knowing what Lakeland roof cleaning should be used on your roof, get to know first the don’t’s of roof cleaning. Some certain methods and chemicals are just so bad for your roof. You can never, for example, agree for the contractor to use a power washer. That can damage the roof shingles. The pressure from the water does help remove algae and molds from the roof but it can also break the shingles.

And how about the chemicals? Most roofs are full of molds and algae. What kills molds? It’s bleach. But ordinary house bleach, which is composed of about 5% to 6% sodium hypochlorite. Regular strength bleach, which is used to white and disinfect laundry, is only 5.25% while ultra strength, used to clean around the house, is around 6% sodium hypochlorite.

This is still not enough for the roof. If you want to remove molds from the roof, you need a more powerful solution. Many of you might know this product as pool shock. It is made up of 12% sodium hypochlorite. That’s almost two times as much as the ordinary household bleach. The problem with this chemical, however, is that it’s too light. When you apply it on the roof, it will just slide down. It needs to stay there for at least five minutes to weaken the hold of the molds.

That’s why Lakeland roof cleaning contractors try to thicken it up. The best way to do that is to add some liquid soap to the mix. That will help it to stick better to the roof. That extra time will help it do its job of removing the molds, algae, and other stuff on the roof.

So, where can you get this pool shock? Your roofer has it. If you are trying to see if you can clean the roof yourself, a local pool supply store will have it, too. Home improvement stores and grocery stores probably will not have this type of bleach in their inventory.

The 12% SH is stronger than most of the bleach you can find in the market. It does its job well, but you have to be careful when handling it. You should always wear protective gloves and goggles when trying to apply this bleach. Again, it is always better to call in professional Lakeland roof cleaning contractors to do the job for you. It is safer and far more economical.

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