Why Choose Softwashing for Your Lakeland Roof Cleaning?

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Making the decision to hire a Lakeland roof cleaning company to take care of your roof cleaning needs is a good one. Many people don’t realize the importance of roof cleaning and how a dirty roof can affect the visual appeal of your home and pose a health risk to you and your family.

If you’ve been looking for a roof cleaning company for a while, you’re probably familiar with the two most common types of roof cleaning methods: pressure washing and soft washing.

At 2020 Softwash, we use the soft washing method of roof cleaning, and we think you should too. Here is what you need to know about soft washing vs. power washing and why you should use soft washing to clean your roof.

What is pressure washing?

Pressure washing is also known as power-washing, where highly pressurized water is sprayed on to your roof, which removes the grime and algae on your roof. On the surface, pressure washing seems like the most efficient and effective method for cleaning, but this isn’t always the case.

What is soft washing?

Soft washing is the method of using chemicals to remove the algae from your roof. It does take more time to carry out compared to pressure washing, but the benefits you get from soft washing your roof far outweigh the amount of time spent cleaning your roof.

Why choose soft washing?

It attacks the problem at the core

The main benefit that soft washing gives you compared to power washing is the fact that it tackles the algae and moss problem at the root. When you power-wash your roof, you wash away the algae, yes, but you don’t get the roots of the mold, which leaves your roof prone to infestation very quickly.

Soft washing, on the other hand, relies on chemicals to make sure that the entire thing from the tip to the root is taken care of. Soft washing also takes care of the algae and mold in the beginning stages of growth, where it cannot be easily seen. The soft washing method of roof cleaning makes sure that your roof is completely free of any algae and mold.

It’s easier on your roof

Another problem with power-washing is that it tends to damage the roof because of how much force is used to spray the water. Soft washing is gentler on your roof shingles, which helps to extend the lifespan of your roof.

It’s a more environmentally friendly option

Power-washing uses up to 8 gallons of water per minute, which means up to 480 gallons of water an hour. That can’t be great for your water bill, or the environment. On the other hand, soft washing only uses about 60 gallons of cleaning solution, 40 gallons of which is water. Choosing soft washing is choosing a more environmentally-friendly option.

So if you’re looking for a Lakeland roof cleaning company to handle your roof cleaning needs, feel free to choose 2020 Softwash! We use soft washing to clean our clients’ roofs, and you now know why. Give us a call at 863-644-4000 or drop us a message through our website form, and we can get you set up with a free estimate today!

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