Why the Workers’ Compensation Code 5551 Matters Before Hiring a Lakeland Roof Cleaning Company

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One of the most important considerations you need to make before you hire a Lakeland roof cleaning company is the existence of the workers’ compensation code 5551. Because of the way this job works, a person who cleans the roof puts his life on the line. Even with safety gear and equipment, this is still a dangerous job. Before you let anyone perform any kind of job on the roof, make sure that the company has a workers’ compensation insurance to cover for any injuries that might happen.

What Happens If the Company Doesn’t Have Insurance?

If an accident occurs while the workers are in your property, you can be held liable for the injuries and damages they sustained. Their families can file a lawsuit against you, especially if the accident resulted in permanent physical damage or death. You just wanted to have your roof clean. What happened that you are also now liable for an accident, right?

Yet, many Lakeland roof cleaning companies out there are not properly insured. They advertise themselves as licensed and insured, but they cannot show you the papers to prove they are. The most responsible thing to do as a homeowner is to research the company thoroughly before hiring them. Roofers are exposed to several dangerous tasks when they are cleaning the roof. They can get traumatic head injuries and back injuries because of slips and falls.

Working Around This

As a homeowner, it’s a bit of work to have to verify if the roof cleaning company is properly insured. You simply want to make sure your roof is well-maintained, right? Why do you have to go out of your way to verify that they are insured? But that’s part of your responsibility. If you want to make sure that the roofers are safe and covered by insurance while they are working on your roof, you have to ask the company.

You need to demand them to show a copy of the insurance policy. And more than that, you need to make sure that it is current. Insurance coverages have limitations. Check the date of the policy before you agree to sign any kind of contract.

Code 5551

This is a particular part of the insurance policy that covers the workers in case of injuries and accidents. It makes sure that they will receive the proper care and support if they encounter an accident while in your property. It is one thing to be concerned about the people working in your property, but it’s another thing to be legally and financially responsible for them when you find out the Lakeland roof cleaning company you hired doesn’t have insurance.

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