There are many reasons why you should keep your roof clean and why, when it’s dirty and has algae growth, you should call a Lakeland roof cleaning company to do the job for you. Homeowners can be hard-headed at times. They think that cleaning the roof is just a matter of aesthetics. They shrug off the tasks and even callously think it’s not anyone’s business how their roof looks.

Affects Property’s Value

When your roof is dirty and unsightly, it can cause your property’s value to plummet. Roof shingles are one of the most important structures of a home. If you’re planning to sell your home in the future, the condition of your roof will be a big consideration for any potential buyer.

Moreover, if you don’t keep it well-maintained, you will anger the homeowners’ association in your community. The sight of your roof could even be a factor as to why the HOA will impose a penalty on you.

Can Cause Leaking

If left unaddressed, a roof with huge algae growth and moss can cause leaks inside the house. Because algae and moss eat into the shingles, it will eventually cause holes on your roof, which is where snow, water, and other elements could come in. Once this happens, you will have a big problem indoors.

Is An Insurance Liability

You cannot purchase an insurance policy for your home with a leaky roof or a roof that has dark streaks, algae colony, moss, lichen, and many more. The insurance company will require you to clean your roof first before you can buy a policy from them.

This is a prerequisite for issuing a policy. Insurance companies know that roof repairs can get costly, so they are required to inspect the roof first before issuing a policy. However, if the roof is unsightly and full of algae, you can either get denied or your policy will be costlier.

Eliminates Further Expenses

What happens when a roof remains dirty and untreated? Eventually, it can collapse because the structure has been affected by the presence of algae. This means you will have the replace the whole roof. Do you know how much a replacement costs? A single-family dweller can cost about $20,000. Often, that figure can multiply because of a variety of factors.

Protecting your roof from possible repairs and replacements is an investment. Why would you want to spend $20,000 when you can very well just spend $550 to $600 on a Lakeland roof cleaning company.