Window Cleaning

When first entering this business, we had some decisions to make. We spent the most time on one question. Do we offer an economy, quick, in-n-out window cleaning job (translation: a cheap job), or do we offer a more thorough window cleaning?

We made the right decision by deciding to provide a top-notch job to our customers. As you’re about to see, we do much more than the average window washer with a bucket and a squeegee.

Here’s a complete description of how we clean your windows every time:

  • We start by removing all screens.
  • We hand-wash both sides of your screens with a screen cleaning macchine and set the screens aside to dry.
  • We begin cleaning the outside of yourr windows first, utilizing the latest in window cleangin technology. Pure Water window cleaning. This process will not only make your windows sparkle, but it’ll protect the glass from the harsh elements.
  • After thoroughly rinsing the pure water off the window, we will leave the window to dry completely spot free.
  • After the outside windows are done, we’ll then move our operation inside and begin cleaning your interior windows.
  • When we’re inside, we wipe out the window tracks and window sills.
  • It’s now time to put all of the clean screens back in place.
  • To finish up, we will walk around your home to double-check the windows and put all of your furniture back where it was.

If you’re looking for a quick zip-zap on to the next window job, our company isn’t for you. But if you want a window cleaning you’ll be happy with – one where you’ll tell your friends and neighbors – then please contact us. We stay booked up, so it’s best to call early.

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