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Our soft wash process allows us to safely clean any surface of a house.
We clean stucco, vinyl, hardy board, cedar, brick and aluminum. Some of the most common surfaces in our area are listed below.

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Vinyl Siding

Soft washing your vinyl siding is the absolute safest way to remove the mold, aglae, mildew and dirt that has accumulated. We utilize biodegradable chemicals and soft washing processes to get rid of bugs, webs and nests all
over your home. Hiring a professional soft washing contractor to perform the correct and right way to wash your house is smart and worth the investment. Don’t run the risk of having water intrusion find its way underneath the eaves of your vinyl. This can happen when using a pressure washer to serve or act as the ‘cleaning agent’.

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Stucco house

Once again, soft washing is the only way to safely clean a stucco surface. Blasting away with a pressure washer can damage and even take stucco off the house when excessive pressure is applied to this type of surface. 

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Hardy Board

Hardy board is another surface that can be damaged when too much pressure is applied from a pressure washer. Safely treating the surface with our gentle chemicals will leave your house looking like it was just painted.

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Just like your roofing system, your homes exterior walls end up dull and tarnished over time, infested with bacteria and algae. With soft washing, your paint shades sharpen, garage doors glow, and windows and door-frames radiate. Our soft wash process gently removes all the organic materials growing on your homes exterior surfaces.

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Frequently Asked Lakeland House Washing Questions

There can be water spots left behind after our process, but we take great care to rinse all the windows so that all chemical residue is removed.

No, we are able to custom blend the level of chemicals we use on the house and the amount that we use on the house itself is not strong enough to harm your plants.

Yes and no. Many times we are able to completely remove dirt dobber nests either through spraying with chemical or scrubbing the area with a brush. However, there are times when the nest has been there long enough that it has discolored the paint and we are not able to completely get rid of it.

All we ask is that if there are things outside that don’t need to get wet that you bring those items inside.

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