Avoid Getting Scammed By a Lakeland Roof Cleaning Company

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It is one of your main responsibilities as a homeowner to keep everything in your home in good condition. Because of this, you have to hire various services to keep your home in good functional condition. One of the most important services that your home needs is a good Lakeland roof cleaning, not only to improve its visual appeal but also to minimize the growth of algae and moss on its surface.

However, take care not to hire the very first contractor that offers you a bid, as there are some unsavory characters that are more than willing to take good homeowners’ money without providing them with the services that they need. To make sure that you don’t end up getting scammed by a fraudulent Lakeland roof cleaning company, here are some tips that can help you out.

Avoid contractors that show up out of the blue and tell you that you have a serious problem

One very common scam among characters like these involves them showing up at your home out of the blue and telling you all about how they were driving by and had noticed that your roof has a serious problem.

Usually, they will make the situation out to be as drastic as possible so that you are compelled to take action immediately, and of course, they are there to offer their services. Before you agree to anything that they do, have your roof assessed by a verified professional to make sure that the amount that you’re going to be paying is equal to the services that your roof needs.

Keep an eye out for how they handle your money

Another red flag that you should look out for is how the roof cleaning company handles your service price quote. If they offer their services at significantly lower costs, you should keep your guard up. This is especially concerning if they offer you a deal right then and there and if you pay the full amount in cash upfront.

Chances are, they’re going to make a run for it with your money. Even if they end up doing the work, expect poor work because they will end up compromising on a lot of things that should have been covered under the price quote.

Get to know your roof cleaning company

To avoid any of these problems, you should only be working with a Lakeland roof cleaning company that you can trust, like 2020 Softwash & Window Cleaning. Take the time to meet with a roof cleaning company to learn about their work experience and determine whether they are the right contractor to use for your roof cleaning needs.

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