When Should You Call a Lakeland Roof Cleaning Company?

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As homeowners, we are responsible for keeping our homes clean and looking new and fresh. Calling a Lakeland roof cleaning company is one of our biggest responsibilities as a property owner. We don’t only do that for ourselves and our guests, but for our neighbors, too. When our homes look dirty, dingy, and ugly, that will affect the value of the properties near ours. So, if your neighbors want to sell their properties, your house could be indirectly affecting their asking prices. You are also responsible for your neighbors.

So, when exactly should you call a Lakeland roof cleaning company? How do you know it’s time for the seasonal cleaning of your roof?

Moss and Algae

Dirt, debris, and dust are all-natural. These are washed off by natural rainfall, and you don’t have to worry about these collecting on your roof. However, there are other elements that you must watch out for, including algae, fungus or lichen, and moss. If these start to appear on your roof, you should call a cleaning company to have them professionally removed.

Make it a point to have your roof inspected for dark stains and green areas. These are signs of algae and moss. Black stains, which are also called gloeocapsa magma or GM, may also appear on the more shaded areas of your roof. Be careful when inspecting your roof, though, because algae and moss are slippery and can cause accidents.

Shingle Damage

Moss, algae, and fungus are literally eating away at your shingles. They can cause the deterioration of the roof shingles and they weaken the materials used to make your roof. Roofs with algae, for example, absorbs more heat. This reduces the lifespan of the shingles because being under extreme heat for days, months, and years will feel like they are baking from inside out.

Wood Rot

Roofs are susceptible to wood rot and leaks. Homeowners don’t usually notice signs of wood rot because they are less obvious than moss growth. However, wood rot easily eats away at the shingles of your roof. It also shortens the lifetime of your roof and could cause excessive mold growth, which is hazardous to your health and your pets.

Lakeland roof cleaning isn’t only done for the aesthetics of your home. You should also call a roof cleaning company to protect your investment and extend the life of your roof. Since roof repair and replacement is one of the most expensive home maintenance expenses, you should regularly inspect the roof to address problems and not let them get out of hand.

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